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How to show all albums in Photos

my current Artwork folder in my photos is missing since we worked on my computer.... the old file with the same title is there but my current one I have all my photos of paintings for work has vanished. Do you know where I can try and recover it... this is an important work folder i use for my business. Thanks in advance



The first thing I would try is to actually show all the albums in the left column of the Application. To do this, open Photos then stretch the window out as wide as you can. You can also try clicking the green button in the top left corner of the scree. That should reveal the left side column. Within that column, you will be able to see all the albums that are contained within Photos itself. You may also see folders with small triangles that you can click on in order to see the contents of those folders. Your particular album could be contained in one of those folders. Let me know if you see what you're looking for there. If not, we can look other places as well.
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