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You erased my browser history and now I don't know my passwords

Since meeting with you on Friday every time I try to enter one of my sites it will not let me in. My saved passwords are rejected. It tells me to search encrypted …. I cannot get into my credit card or major accounts I use for clients furniture. I have no idea what you might have tried to correct to trigger this other than when you erased history.


The only thing we did was clear your browser history. This was necessary in order to clear the history of Spanish content that had been appearing. It is very common for computers to save passwords to sites more than once therefore keeping a record of both the correct one and incorrect ones having been changed in the past. I would be happy to assist with going through the specific websites you’re trying to log into and help rediscover the correct passwords for each site. No websites have changed any of your data or passwords. We just need to make a list of the correct passwords.

Passwords are one of the most tedious issues we deal with on our computers. We often have so many, requiring so many different variables, it’s hard to keep up with them. I like to keep a clear five column spreadsheet of all accounts, usernames, passwords, notes, and notations for when the last time a password was changed or verified.
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