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Ram mystery

Whenever my son watches Youtube, after about 5 minutes the screen freezes and turns blue. I've tried disk repair. Happens on both Foxfire and Safari. Any suggestions or do I need to make an appointment at the Apple store for a repair. It's a G5, out of warranty.


Considering the computer’s age, G5’s became obsolete quite some time ago, it’s not really even worth putting much effort into fixing. It will not be able to update to the latest version of flash (which is most likely the problem) due to the fact that the G5 is based on a different type of computer language than the more current intel processors and the latest version of flash will not run on the older machines. One way to eliminate whether it is being caused by flash or possibly the graphics card would be to push the video rendering by other means. Play a quicktime movie, watch a DVD, or use the iTunes visualizer to push the graphics card. If the machine locks up, that’s a big check box next to “graphics card”.

With that in mind, it doesn’t mean the problem is unsolvable. There are a variety of things that could be causing the issue. Bad brewer plugins, hard drive dying, graphics card failing etc… very difficult to say without having the machine in my hands. Keep in mind, this machine has been end of life for quite some time and you’ll start to notice more and more incompatibility issues moving forward even if the youtube (flash) problem is resolved.

Hope this helped.
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