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Swapping out Time Machine drives

I just got an error message saying no backups for 10 days.  Stupidly didn't look to see if backup icon was on desktop.  Just unplugged drive then plugged it back up.  There are six (6) backup entries on the 14th but zero after that.  So I'm guessing I need a new external drive?  Do we need you to do anything or do I just buy one and plug it in?  Happy to schedule wit you but didn't want to clog up your calendar if not needed.

I wouldn’t necessarily think you need a new drive although at around $60 it’s never a bad idea to replace them periodically. Reconnecting the drive to your Mac should automatically innate the backup to pick back up where it left off. You can find the most recent backups in the backup.backupsdb folder.

If you do decide to buy a new one, then you’d want to sever the relationship You would go into Time Machine, remove the old disk from the list then add the new one. Not too hard.
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