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I clicked on "here" to join town hall but nothing happened. Now what?

Scotty, my yahoo email is sending out crazy emails on it’s own. What should I do?


Most likely a spamming company has guessed your password through a process called a brute force attack. Your password was probably a word in the dictionary followed by a few numbers just like everyone else’s in the world. You need to change your password immediately and choose a series of letters that does not exist in a human language. Maybe capitalize a random letter. Maybe insert a number in the middle of the word.

The culprits are not interested in your personal conversations within your email. They only want your address book so they can send out advertisements. And Yahoo, AOL, Road Runner are all very happy to allow them to break in.

Gmail and iCloud email are generally much more secure against brute force attacks in my experience. So the second moral to this story is...consider leaving yahoo also.
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