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What do you think of Search Engine Optimization companies? Are they worth the investment?

As we discussed the other day, the best way to acheive a high ranking in Google is to 1. have as many other sites linking to you as possible. 2. keep your site active.  Post often.

Simply putting "justin beiber" in the meta data will not mean your site will show up when searching for Justin Beiber.  Google is smarter than SEO companys.  In fact they often punish sites for trying to game the system.  SEO's are sort of like looking for a miracle cure to the common cold.  If there was really one, no one would ever get another cold.  The truth is it's more complicated than that.  

Before you invest in any company claiming they can raise your ranking in google the best thing to do is become educated yourself on the subject first.  SEO companies often charge a rediculous amount of money selling snake oil.  

Look over these pages to become more familar with the subject.  Empower yourself!
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I know that's a lot of information to try to understand but in general, if were as simple as paying money to get your ranking higher, google wouldn't exist.  It takes a lot of work to get high results.  If you focus on posting often and post good useful content, people will find you and google will notice.  Just be careful before you invest in an SEO company.  Know what your are paying for.
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