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Why can't my friend hear the video I sent them?


I sent someone a video and they say they can’t hear it. I just posted it to dropbox for you to check it out. (link removed) What do you think is wrong with it?

Volume sounds great from here.  Checked on two different computers.  I think the person you’re sending it to needs to turn their own volume up.  Volume can be controlled at the computer level and the application level.  For example:  Your computer’s volume could be turned all the way up but you can’t hear music in iTunes because iTunes’ volume is turned down.  Conversely, iTunes volume could be all the way up but your computer’s system volume could be turned down so again you wouldn’t be able to hear anything.  

In the case of this video, your viewer should make sure their computer’s volume is up as well as the application they are using to view the video.  VLC, quicktime, Real Player, Windows Media Player, etc...
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