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Ubee router not getting along with Extreme

Scotty—It is critical that I find a voice memo that I recorded on my phone but somehow disappeared.  It was in January 2012.  I tried looking today and got this screen.  I closed the window and then it said there were no memos.
Pasted Graphic

I feel like the only way we may be able to retrieve those prior January voice memos would be to check to see if you have a prior iOS backup from that approximate time.  Those voice memos do not live in the cloud.  They are stored locally on your phone so they would be included in a backup.  I could take a dummy phone, restore from that time period (provided you backed up locally to a computer around that time period) and we may be able to retrieve them.  

If however, you were using iCloud to back up, then those may be gone.  When was the last time you remember seeing that voice memo?  January?
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