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System updates locked up the computer

Have you heard of anyone having issues with trying to download the reinstall program from Carbonite necessary if you if have Lion OS?  Every time I download it, Apple tells me it can't extract the file because it's corrupt and I obviously don't want to go anywhere near it, but I can't imagine that Carbonite would send me a corrupted file to download their latest program.  Carbonite is extremely difficult to work with b/c their customer service closes at 5 pm.

I can not recommend Carbonite for these very reasons. Most online backup solutions are still not to a point where I can personally recommend them. I strongly prefer having a second physical hard drive that I either clone or rotate using time machine, carbon copy cloner or super duper every few months. I would suspect that Carbonite may not be completely up to date with Lion but I have not encountered anyone with an issue. Mostly because I encourage people not to use it.
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