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Finding pictures from an old iPhone backup


my computer is not going to screensaver and sleep mode. It seems to try, and then quickly wakes itself. Any suggestions? Is the Time Machine backup interfering?

Time machine shouldn’t be interfering with your computer’s ability to sleep the display and screen saver. Those settings should have moved over exactly as your old computer was set up. However, let’s just check and you can adjust them to what you’d like.

  1. Go to system preferences located under the black apple in the top left corner of your mac.
  2. Select Desktop and Screensaver
  3. Select the screensaver tab
  4. Adjust the “start after” setting to what you’d like it to be and choose the screensaver you prefer.
  5. Now select “show all” up at the top.
  6. Select energy saver
  7. make the necessary adjustments there by adjusting your “computer sleep” and “display sleep” time. *

*Note: You can set your sleep times differently based on battery power of if your computer is plugged in.

I would recommend since you’re backing up to your time capsule drive for the first time, you plug your computer in. I’m not 100% sure, but I think the fact that your computer is on battery power supersedes the fact that it’s backing up. Logically this makes sense because you don’t want to set your computer down when you get home while it’s open, and come back to a dead battery because it was spending all its energy backing up.

Either way checking your display and energy settings should take care of it.
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