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Deleting an email account from the iPhone

My iPhone is connected to my Mac and a box opened asking if I AGREE or DECLINE allowing Ping to share info w/ Apple about content I buy/use.  What should I answer?  Also, in today's Apple workshop, the fellow said that above the iTunes icon, it would say 'syncing' while my iPhone is syncing and to not disconnect my phone until the syncing is completed.  It doesn't say 'syncing', yet info is being least to my computer.  Am I syncing info between my computer and phone?  If "yes", how do I know when syncing is complete?

Ping is Apple’s failing attempt to integrate social into their music catalog. I say Decline then log into your itunes account and disable it. You can do so by going to the top right corner of itunes when you are in the store section, and clicking the “sign in” or email button. There will be a variable to disable ping.
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Syncing is different from downloading so you should be fine to disconnect your device when itunes is downloading other files. Unless the download is an update. However, all of this will change this fall when apple rolls out their new method of automatic updates and syncing wirelessly with 10.7 Lion, iOS 5 and iCloud.
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