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Why do hard drives die?

HI there! Hope all is well.
I am trying to get all my pics of my main computer and bring them with me on our vacation so I can do projects on my laptop while we are gone. Can we do a screen share session where you can help me download/transfer what I want?

Or..wait a minute...
I think all my pics are on the old orange external hard drive...Can I just bring that??

The file you would need to deal with is called the "iphoto library".  It holds the entire set of pictures within iPhoto and can be found in your pictures folder.  
It's a little involved but...

Drag that to an external drive.  connect the drive to your laptop while you're away.  Hold down the option key when opening iphoto on your laptop and point iphoto to the external iphoto library sitting on the external drive.  Work from that drive then when you return home, move the iphoto library back to the original pictures folder where you got it from and choose to "replace" because the newer version will now need to overwrite the older out of date version.
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