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Outgoing mail doesn't send at the beach house

We have a beach house at Kiawah and we went down about a week ago.  We have wireless internet there and it always works great.  For the very first time, my laptop would not let the server send messages out.  It would receive and ipad was able to send messages out.  As soon as I got back to Charlotte, messages went out.  They did not go in the outbox, just kept getting the little box that said something like "do you want to try a different server"
Any thoughts on this?

There are many possibilities this could be happening so it might be hard to discover the right one without actually being there. But here goes:

1. There’s an outgoing message that contains an email attachment that’s too big. It’s trying to upload a movie or many pictures and that’s keeping all the other outgoing emails from sending.

2. An outgoing email might have the wrong recipient address entered. For instance, you may be sending to instead of .com.

3. Password may have been changed or something happened. Email needs the correct password to be entered in both incoming and outgoing settings in your email program.

4. The proper security requirement settings may be off. SSL checked when not needed, or vice versa.

5. The beach ISP may have decided not to deliver that particular outgoing email account any more due to the port it’s using. You would have to change the outgoing port to a less scrutinized port.
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