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Hi Scotty!  - I hope that you are well.  I saw on your website last night that you recommended to someone to wait for the iPhone 5.  My current phone is dying a slow death and I'm thinking that I would like to hold out but do you have any scoop on when the iPhone 5 will be coming out?  I know it's speculation but I'll take your educated guess!  Thanks,

Apple doesn’t tell their consultants about upcoming product releases. However, what we CAN surmise is that around every June for the last 4 years, Apple has released a new iPhone. With Japan’s crisis taken into consideration, certain parts may not be as available as usual such as flash ram, screens etc... Apple is holding its annual developers conference the first week of June but it’s strongly rumored that WWDC will focus on 10.7 Lion. If I had to guess I would say we’ll see a new phone between June and end of July but I have no inside information on which to base it.

I suggest you duct tape your phone together and keep limping along until you have to fall back to paper cups and wax string but whatever you do, don’t buy the iPhone 4 right now.
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