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Google wants to install software

This has appeared On my desktop repeatedly. I hit CANCEL and it comes back in a few minutes. I don’t remember downloading anything. I had to open a file from the surgery center about my upcoming surgery but that is the only file I have had sent to me since you were here last week

Screen Shot 2020-05-09 at 9.33.11 AM.

Annoying but harmless. This is google wanting to install a background process to check periodically that any software you are using on your computer from Google is up to date like Google Drive or Chrome. It will keep coming back if you cancel so either you bow to Google's wishes or don't use Chrome on your system basically.

This is Apple's way of saying "hey, did you know google wants to install stuff in the background?" Unless you want to remove Chrome from your computer, you're stuck with the google software update bundle. Let me know if you have additional questions.
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