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What iMac should I get? Can you transfer the data on several computers?

Dear Scotty,
My triplets are going off to boarding school and need laptops.  We have researched it and have decided on getting 3 Mac Airbooks 13".  UGH!!  In addition, Husband wants to get a new desk top for us.  I know this is going to be expensive!  I think I can at least get the student $100 discount on the laptops. I know I will need your help to set up our new desktop.  I just want to proceed properly.  Do you have a recommendation for the desk top?  Should  I get the store to move all the stuff or is it better to have you do it?


Wow, you have a lot going on it sounds like!  Desktop recommendations:  I would go with the low end 27” iMac.  $1799 model.    Plenty of horsepower, the ability to expand the ram in the future.  Buy the stock amount of ram at first and spend less on ram down the road when the price of that model’s ram comes down in a few years.  Hard drive size is totally up to you.  Three choices there:  spinning drive, fusion, solid state.  Fusion is a combination of spinning and solid state.  Either way is fine.  Just look at the cost of each.  Spinning drive are least reliable, slowest, but also the cheapest.  If the Apple store will handle the data transfer for free then that’s something to consider.  As you know, I’m not cheap and you may want to cut that cost a little.  The apple store would do a fine job.  If I do it, considering the size of the job, I would prefer taking the computers to my home office and doing all the transfers over a day or so then return them to you.  It’s a lot of waiting around so sitting in your home would not be the best.  (although I do love your dog!)

Good luck with things and let me know how I can help.
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